Annual Multi Trip

  • What is the maximum age limit on an Annual Multi Trip policy?

    The maximum age limit is 75 years.

  • What is the maximum age limit and length of any one trip on an Annual Multi Trip policy?

    19 - 59 yrs - Max duration Essential 35 days per trip/183 days per policy period
    19 - 65 yrs - Max duration Super or Super Plus 60 days per trip/183 days per policy period
    66 - 75 yrs - Max duration Super or Super Plus 15 days per trip/183 days per policy period

  • How many times can I go away if I have an Annual Multi Trip policy?

    There is no restriction on the number of times you can go away during the period of this insurance on an Annual Multitrip Insurance policy as long as you do not exceed the maximum trip duration or total days allowed in any one Period of Insurance (see previous FAQ).

  • Is Wintersports cover included in the price?

    No, however Wintersports can be included for an additional premium for persons 65 years or younger.

  • Can an adult/child travel separately?

    On an Annual Multi Trip policy the named adults/spouses can travel separately/independently. Children under 16 years of age cannot travel independently. Children 16 years of age or over are covered to travel independently from their parents provided they are travelling on an organised school or college trip only and with a responsible adult aged 18 years or over.

  • When should I start my Annual Multi Trip policy?

    Your cover should start the day you purchase the insurance unless:

    • you have an existing policy that covers you until the cover Start Date you choose.
    • you have yet to book a holiday and will only do so on or after the cover Start Date you choose.

    You have no cover until the Start Date of the policy. Your cover including cancellation protection ONLY begins from the chosen Start Date.

  • Can I extend the maximum trip duration on my Annual Multi Trip policy?

    The maximum trip duration we can offer on an Annual Multi Trip policy depends on your age and the cover level you choose. Please see "What is the maximum age limit and length of any one trip on an Annual Multi Trip policy?" Unfortunately these trip durations cannot be extended. If you require cover for a longer period than allowed on your Annual Multi Trip policy you may need to purchase a Single Trip policy to cover the entire duration.

  • Will my Annual Multi Trip policy renew automatically?

    To make sure you have continuous cover under your policy, we will aim to automatically renew (auto-renew) your policy when it runs out, unless you tell us not to. Each year we will notify you by email 6 weeks before the renewal date of your policy, and tell you about any changes to the premium or the policy terms and conditions.
    If you do not want to us to auto-renew your policy, just call us on 0333 355 0255, otherwise we will collect the renewal premiums from your credit card or debit card.

    You should also note that your renewed policy will only be valid when:
    - you have told us about any changes to your policy details (including any changes in health conditions) as you will still be required to contact the medical screening company to declare any medical conditions;
    - and your credit card or debit card details have not changed.

    In some cases we may not be able to automatically renew your policy; we will let you know at the time if this is the case. For the facilitation of the auto renewal service we will assume that your details have not changed and you have the permission of the card holder unless you inform us otherwise.

Single Trip

  • What is the maximum age limit on a Single Trip policy?

    The maximum age limit is 79 years of age.

  • What is the maximum age limit and trip duration I can take on a Single Trip policy?

    The maximum duration you can take on a Single Trip policy is:
    • 93 days for persons 59 years or under Essential.
    • 93 days for persons 65 years or under Super/Super Plus.
    • 21 days for persons 66-79 years Super/Super Plus.

  • When should I start/end my Single Trip policy?

    You will need to start your policy on the day that you leave to go on your trip and end it on the day you return back to the United Kingdom. Cover for cancellation on a Single Trip policy starts as soon as the policy is purchased.

General Questions

  • What do you mean by UK resident?

    A resident of the United Kingdom is someone who is permanently resident in the United Kingdom excluding Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and has been for the past six months prior to the issue date of your policy. We are unable to provide cover for anyone who is not a resident of the United Kingdom or the residents of the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

  • I've left the United Kingdom and forgotten to get insurance. Can I still get cover with you?

    No. Travel Insurance must be purchased prior to your departure from the United Kingdom unless you have purchased this insurance using a Wi-Fi connection whilst travelling on an aircraft or train but before you reach your first international destination.

  • What ages do I put down when getting a quote?

    Please enter your current ages. It does not matter if you have a birthday after you buy the policy; we just need your ages at the time you purchase the policy.

  • What charges do I incur when buying a policy?

    We charge a £3.95 administration handling fee per policy.

  • What charges do I incur when buying a policy over the phone?

    If you choose to book your policy through our Call Centre there is an additional £8.90 charged.

  • How will I receive my policy details?

    When you purchase insurance via our website you have the option to print off your Validation Certificate (proof of insurance), Policy Wording and Insurance Product Information Document once the payment has been successfully processed. You will also receive a booking confirmation by email to the email address supplied during the booking process. The booking confirmation contains your account information and details on how you can retrieve your documentation by using the "Your Policy" login section of our website.

    If you wish you can also request to receive your documents by post as well as email. Please be mindful of your Environmental Impact when selecting your documents to be sent by post.

    If you opt to receive the text message there is a £0.99 charge. The text message contains your policy number and the Emergency Assistance telephone number.

    We strongly recommend you bring your Validation Certificate and Policy Wording with you when you travel.

  • What should I do if I need to make a change to my policy/details?

    If you need to make a change to your policy/details you can use your on-line login. There are lots of different functionalities here. If you are unable to make the required change/upgrade please contact us on 0333 355 0255 and we will be happy to assist you.

  • What area do Egypt, Canary Islands, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey come under on your policies?

    All of the above destinations would be covered on a European policy.

  • What do you mean by "medical condition"?

    A medical condition means any disease, illness or injury. This includes any anxiety state or depression, mental, nervous, or emotional disorder.

  • What should I or any of my travelling companions do if I/we have a medical condition?

    This travel insurance policy contains important conditions and exclusions in relation to the health of travellers, close relatives and travelling companions. For further information please click here.

  • If my policy does not cover my medical condition(s), am I still covered?

    If the policy does not cover your medical condition(s), all claims directly or indirectly related to that medical condition will be excluded. The rest of your travel insurance cover will not be affected by this exclusion.

  • I already have a policy but I've recently been diagnosed with a new medical condition. What do I do?

    The policy does not cover any claim arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with any Medical Condition that develops or recurs after taking out this policy with few exceptions. For further information please click here.

  • What is the definition of a couple?

    A couple can be defined as two adults who are common law partners that have been co-habiting for at least 6 months. This includes same sex.

  • What is the definition of a family?

    Up to two adults and up to four children, stepchildren or foster children aged under 19, accompanying the parent(s) or legal guardian insured on the same policy traveling on any trip to the same destination.

  • What am I covered for if I am pregnant?

    Under the Cancellation or Curtailment section of the policy, you are covered if you need to cancel/curtail your trip due to unexpected complications of pregnancy and childbirth. You are also covered under the Emergency Medical and Other Expenses whilst overseas if there are unexpected complications as a direct result of pregnancy and medical attention is required. Travelling whilst pregnant is covered up to 32nd week for a single pregnancy or 24th week for a multiple pregnancy as long as you are not travelling against your doctors advice or carrier stipulation. For further details please see your Policy Wording.

  • Can I cancel my holiday/trip for any reason and get all of my money back?

    No. You may receive a reimbursement if you cancel for any reason outlined in your Policy Wording. Covered reasons include, but are not limited to, such unforeseen emergencies as illness, injury or death of you, your travelling companion and/or a close relative. The cover does not include cancellation due to business obligations, change of mind or your dislike of the travel time.

  • Do I need a police report for lost/stolen items?

    If you are unfortunate enough to have any lost/stolen items or belongings whilst on holiday, then you must notify the local police within 24 hours and obtain a copy of the police report.

  • When should I contact the Emergency Assistance service?

    In the case of any medical emergency or the need to curtail your trip due to an insured reason please contact the Zurich Assist Emergency Assistance Service. Contact details can be found in your Policy Wording.

  • How do I make a claim?

    Please refer to the Make a Claim page for further details.

  • What is an excess?

    The amount you have to pay towards the claim. In practice this is deducted from any settlement amount and is charged per person per claim.

  • What should I do if I have a complaint?

    Please refer to the complaints procedure in the Policy Wording.

  • What are my cancellation rights?

    Once you have purchased your travel insurance, subject to the condition detailed in the note below, you are entitled to a 14 day cooling-off period. If you contact us within this cooling-off period, you are entitled to a full refund of your travel insurance policy, provided you have not travelled, made any claims on the policy or used the policy to obtain a Visa. To cancel your travel insurance and claim your refund, you can contact us by telephone on 0333 355 02 55 or by email to info@greatcover.com.

Sports & Activities

  • What Sports & Activities are covered free of charge with greatcover.com?

    The policy automatically provides cover for Personal Accident (except where specifically excluded) and Emergency Medical Expenses for the activities listed under Grade 1 in your Policy Wording once they are conducted on an incidental basis whilst you are on holiday. See Policy Wording for full details.

  • I cannot find the sport or activity I want to do on this list?

    We can also provide cover for additional activities under Grade 2 - 4, subject to an additional premium. See Policy Wording for full details.

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